Airbnb Credit Card Security Deposit Hold:  First of all if you booked our home through Airbnb, you can get a much better deal by booking directly through our new on-line booking site at: www.CB-VP.comAirbnb charges you close to 10% just to book through their site.  Our fee is just 1%.  You can cancel your Airbnb booking and get a full refund and then just book through our site.  If you chose not to, that is quite alright, but we will require a credit card hold for a security deposit.  Of course we do this because of past experiences we have had with the lack of cooperation from Airbnb.  Personally I would never recommend using them because in my option, they are totally worthless. So, just fill out the left side for a credit card payment.  It will not charge your card, but we will just place a hold on your card when you arrive and will remove the hold after you depart, barring any damages or extra cleaning.  If you have any questions at all please let me know.

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Kamaole Sands Condo 8-311 (1 Bdrm) Kamaole Sands Condo 9-405 (3 Bdrm) #23 Maury Mtn Home (Sunriver) White Alder Home (Sunriver) Powder Village (Sunriver) Merrill Ranch (Arizona)
Choose Kamaole Sands Condo 10-409 (2 Bdrm) #4 Maury Mtn Home (Sunriver) 33 Tennis Village (Sunriver) White Alder Home (Sunriver) Powder Village (Sunriver) Merrill Ranch (Arizona)

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